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Why Liz Lynne should be President

Liz Lynne 2 Win

Rallying the troops

She understands the importance of the President getting out and about - she has an impressive record of visiting local parties and helping in local campaigns. "Mixing with members, not living in the Westminster bubble". As she is no longer a parliamentarian, she has a great deal of time to devote to the Party across the country.

Unique experience

She has been an activist at every level in a variety of Regions - she is unique in having been a campaigner and council candidate in London, a PPC in the East of England, MP in the North West and MEP in the Midlands - fighting rural seats, urban seats, against Labour and against the Conservatives. She has worked hard to improve the involvement of women, people with disabilities and people with different ethnic backgrounds in the Party. Liz has extensive media experience in putting the Party's message across on TV, Radio and in the press including on Question Time and Newsnight.

Understanding the role

She understands that the President is the eyes and ears of the Party - listening to members and feeding their views back to the centre. She knows that it might mean giving the leadership unpalatable news, it might mean working to win over members to support difficult decisions. She is aware that the President, elected by the membership, needs to work with the leader not for the leader.

News from Liz

  • Document: Sep 16, 2014
  • Liz Lynne
    Article: Sep 15, 2014
    By Liz Lynne in Liberal Democrat Voice

    Earlier this year I floated up the idea of setting up Network of Experience for Lib Dems who had either lost their seats or decided to stand down and asked if anyone would be interested. I am pleased to say the reaction to the idea was good and it was felt that there was a need there for something like this. We have now set up a steering committee of myself, Mary Reid, Fiona White and Kay Barnard.

  • Liz Lynne 2 Win
    Article: Sep 13, 2014

    I attended the London Liberal Democrat Conference today. It was very well organised and covered a great deal of ground. Our six London Liberal Democrat MPs were very impressive and they all gave a very good pitch on why people should help them. It is interesting to find out how different regions do things. The day was very enjoyable and it was well worth going.

  • Liz Lynne
    Article: Sep 12, 2014
    By Liz Lynne for Nick Barlow's Blog in http://www.nickbarlow.com/blog/?p=3333

    Taken from "What You Can Get Away With", Nick Barlow's blog

    Presidential questions response: Liz Lynne

    (Liz Lynne was the second to respond to the questions I posed in my earlier Presidential post, and here are her answers in full after the cut. I've formatted them as she had them in the Word document she sent but not edited them in any way, but please tell me if anything looks wrong. You can, of course, ask any questions about her answers in the comments.)

  • Liz canvassing in Aberdeenshire
    Article: Sep 10, 2014

    On the doorsteps of Blackburn, Aberdeenshire this afternoon. Many undecideds but some very positive responses from No voters. This young woman was adamant that she and her husband were going to vote no to save Scotland from making an irreversible mistake.

  • Stonehaven
    Article: Sep 10, 2014

    Productive few days campaigning in Malcolm Bruce's seat of Gordon and Robert Smith's seat of West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine. In the areas I have been campaigning in the no vote seems to be the strongest but there is all to play for. There was no problem on the doorsteps at all with my English accent and as the PPC for Gordon Christine Jardine who is standing to succeed Malcolm said. " we don't mind about your intonation it is your shoe leather we are after."

  • Liz with the Better Together Team in Gordon
    Article: Sep 9, 2014

    Out with Malcolm Bruce MP in Ellen in his Gordon constituency for the The Liberal Democrats and the Better Together Campaign. Also with Christine Jardine PPC and MSP Alison Mcinnes. Good result as 76% of those we canvassed said they were going to vote no in the referendum.

  • Liz with Hackney Lib Dems
    Article: Sep 7, 2014

    I was delighted to have been asked to join Hackney Liberal Democrats green day. We had a tour of Dave Raval's impressively Eco friendly house. There were certainly many tips that we could all learn from.

  • Liz with Simon Hughes and Team in Southwark
    Article: Sep 6, 2014

    I was out doing a residents survey with Simon Hughes and his team in Chaucer ward which is part of his Bermondsey & Old Southwark constituency. I canvassed that very same block in the by election in 1983 when Simon won Southwark and Bermondsey. On polling day itself there were so many helpers that a friend of mine and I were sent out into New Kent Road with sandwich boards to walk up and down. We knew he was going to win as people were hooting their horns and giving us the thumbs up. I then went on to share an office with Simon in 1992 when I was elected MP for Rochdale.

  • Liz with Shepway Lib Dems
    Article: Sep 4, 2014

    Good day campaigning in Folkestone Harvey Central ward for Tom McNeice in by election today. Out on the doorstep with PPC Lynne Beaumont, Aston Mannerings and team. Committee room run brilliantly by Darren Briddock.

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