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Liz Lynne MEP

Liz Lynne stood down as Euro MP for the West Midlands Region at the beginning of February 2012.

Liz was replaced in the European Parliament by Lib Dem Phil Bennion who will now represent the West Midlands region.

Liz Lynne said 'the time is right' to move on after 12 and a half years representing the region in the European Parliament.

Liz says:

"I have thought about this carefully and believe that the time is right. Although I still find the work stimulating and worthwhile, the relentless travelling particularly to and from Strasbourg is onerous to say the least.

"Stepping down now will also give my successor, Phil Bennion, enough time to bed down and make an effective contribution in the remaining two and and half years of this Parliament.

"I am proud to have served as First Vice President of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee.

"I feel I have been able to achieve a lot over the last 12 and a half years as Euro MP for the West Midlands, fighting for equality and reform in the EU.

"I am not retiring but want to focus my politics in ways which do not involve quite so much travelling. I will continue to support the Liberal Democrat party in any way I can, I remain a strong supporter of Nick Clegg's leadership and his work in the coalition government."

Read more about Liz's decision to step down as MEP for the West Midlands. This website will remain live through to at least July 2014 as an archive of her work for the West Midlands over 12 and a half years.

News Archive from Liz Lynne as an MEP

  • Liz Lynne MEP is congratulated on her work on age and cancer issues since 1999 by Alojz Peterle MEP at the joint Cancer Care seminar at the European Parliament
    Article: Jan 25, 2012

    Lib Dem Euro MP Liz Lynne hosted a top level seminar with cancer experts on best practice in controlling the disease in older people at the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday (Jan 24th).

    Among topics on the agenda were the latest reports on a Dutch initiative for comprehensive geriatric assessment for older people diagnosed with cancer and moves to promote healthier, active ageing.

  • Barack Obama
    Article: Jan 17, 2012

    West Midlands Euro MP Liz Lynne has hailed a move by President Obama to declare January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month as a welcome sign of increased American support for the battle against the modern slave trade.

    In a statement supporting the initiative, the White House pledged to work harder in efforts to stamp out trafficking networks in the US and around the world.

  • Illegal counterfeit drugs
    Article: Jan 10, 2012

    West Midlands Euro MP Liz Lynne has called for joint action to stamp out the trade in dangerous counterfeit goods, after news that 165,000 bottles of fake vodka containing dangerous amounts of methanol were distributed to shops before Christmas.

    Concern is growing that a substantial trade in fake medicines, alcoholic drinks and cosmetics are not only putting consumers' health at risk but also harming the UK economy due to lower duty and tax receipts.

  • Liz Lynne recording a piece for the Leek talking newspaper.
    Article: Dec 23, 2011

    The last year has been full of historic changes, both in Europe and beyond. There has been some unexpected encouraging news, such as the huge grassroots movement for reform sweeping the Arab World.

    Also unexpected was the relative success of the climate change summit in Durban in December which keeps hope alive for a truly global agreement to cut carbon emissions.

  • Stream.
    Article: Dec 22, 2011

    Laundry and dishwasher detergents must be phosphate-free in future, following a vote in the European Parliament. The measures, supported by West Midlands Lib Dem MEP Liz Lynne, are aimed to help keep rivers and lakes clean and protect aquatic life in waterways and seas.

    Liberal Democrat MEPs led the European Parliament's position on the new legislation, which introduces EU wide restrictions on phosphorus in washing powder from June 2013.

  • elderly resident with care nurse
    Article: Dec 22, 2011

    A code of conduct based on the best training and nursing practice from across Europe could be a vital way to raise care standards for dementia patients, says Euro MP Liz Lynne.

    The Lib Dem MEP and longstanding campaigner against elder abuse spoke out after a shocking report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists revealed widespread failures to provide proper care for dementia patients and a lack of training.

  • Liz Lynne signs up to the Parliamentary Declaration for a cut on red tape for business
    Article: Dec 21, 2011

    The European Parliament has voted to exempt so called 'micro' businesses from complex EU accounting rules, which will mean a huge reduction in red tape for many small firms.

    The move follows a long campaign by Liberal Democrat MEPs to reduce the burden of unnecessary bureaucracy for small firms and the self-employed.

  • Liz Lynne Disability Discrimination Act
    Article: Dec 21, 2011

    The denial of the right to vote for some disabled people in Europe is a scandalous breach of basic human rights, says a cross-party group of Euro MPs including Lib Dem Liz Lynne.

    The MEP for the West Midlands has signed a Written Declaration in the European Parliament deploring the way in which people with disabilities are still 'generally obstructed' from voting in elections in many EU countries.

  • Make Justice Work logo
    Article: Dec 21, 2011

    The European Parliament has endorsed a new EU Directive guaranteeing all criminal suspects information about their rights and the evidence against them.

    The Directive would ensure that all people arrested or detained in an EU country would be given information about their procedural rights in an easily understandable form.

  • Fruit Juice
    Article: Dec 20, 2011

    Euro MPs have voted to put in place stricter rules on the composition of fruit juices and better labelling guidelines which will substantially improve the quality of fruit juices on sale across the EU.

    The move follows concern that many strawberry juices or smoothies being marketed actually contain more apples than strawberries, while some other 'juice' contains large amounts of additional sugar or sweeteners.

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