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Liz Lynne MEP

Liz Lynne stood down as Euro MP for the West Midlands Region at the beginning of February 2012.

Liz was replaced in the European Parliament by Lib Dem Phil Bennion who will now represent the West Midlands region.

Liz Lynne said 'the time is right' to move on after 12 and a half years representing the region in the European Parliament.

Liz says:

"I have thought about this carefully and believe that the time is right. Although I still find the work stimulating and worthwhile, the relentless travelling particularly to and from Strasbourg is onerous to say the least.

"Stepping down now will also give my successor, Phil Bennion, enough time to bed down and make an effective contribution in the remaining two and and half years of this Parliament.

"I am proud to have served as First Vice President of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee.

"I feel I have been able to achieve a lot over the last 12 and a half years as Euro MP for the West Midlands, fighting for equality and reform in the EU.

"I am not retiring but want to focus my politics in ways which do not involve quite so much travelling. I will continue to support the Liberal Democrat party in any way I can, I remain a strong supporter of Nick Clegg's leadership and his work in the coalition government."

Read more about Liz's decision to step down as MEP for the West Midlands. This website will remain live through to at least July 2014 as an archive of her work for the West Midlands over 12 and a half years.

News Archive from Liz Lynne as an MEP

  • Liz Lynne MEP discussing fears over sheep tags with Shropshire farmer Richard Huffer at Ludlow livestock market
    Article: Dec 19, 2011

    Lib Dem Euro MP Liz Lynne has welcomed a three year delay for EU rules requiring farmers to individually record the movement of sheep from the 'historic flock'.

    Lib Dem MEPs including Liz Lynne have lobbied the European Commission hard for a more flexible approach to sheep tagging, especially as machines designed to read new electronic tags continue to prove unreliable in practice.

  • Liz Lynne MEP (centre) with Vincent Depaigne, legal expert from the European Commission (l) and Anne-Sophie Parent, Director of AGE (r)
    Article: Dec 10, 2011

    Lib Dem Euro MP Liz Lynne is backing a cross-party call to promote networks of 'Silver Seniors' to map the needs of older people, share ways to bridge the generation gap and promote a more active old age.

    The European Commission is being urged by MEPs and charity campaigners to back a 'Seniors in Action - Invest in Silver Innovation' programme to train older volunteers to get involved in innovative schemes to challenge age discrimination and encourage older people in community life.

  • Liz Lynne MEP addressing the West Midlands region Lib Dem annual conference
    Article: Dec 9, 2011

    Lib Dem Euro MP Liz Lynne is backing a cross-party call in the European Parliament for more research into Down's syndrome and an EU-wide strategy to protect the rights of children born with the congenital condition.

    The MEP for the West Midlands has signed a Written Declaration highlighting problems facing those born with Down's syndrome, which affects between one in 1000 and one in 600 children and is one of the commonest causes of learning disability.

  • Battery hen cages are banned across the EU from January 1st 2012
    Article: Dec 6, 2011

    Liberal Democrat Euro MP Liz Lynne has welcomed the Coalition Government's pledge today that tough action will be taken to stop eggs from battery caged hens being sold in the UK.

    As of 1st January 2012, eggs produced in battery cages will be illegal. It is estimated that up to 51 million eggs, or a nearly a quarter of all EU production, will not be compliant by that date.

  • elderly resident with care nurse
    Article: Dec 6, 2011

    Responding to reports today that Care Quality Commission inspectors warned the University Hospitals Birmingham Trust twice in two years over Do Not Resuscitate Orders, Lib Dem Euro MP Liz Lynne said:

    "I have warned for years that the increasing use of 'do not resuscitate' orders without consent must be challenged. This is a terrible form of elder abuse.

  • Battery hen cages are banned across the EU from January 1st 2012
    Article: Dec 2, 2011

    Lib Dem Euro MP Liz Lynne is backing a cross-party call in the European Parliament protesting that egg farmers who have spent millions to give hens more space face illegal competition from EU countries which have kept cruel battery cages.

    The West Midlands MEP is backing a Parliamentary Written Declaration demanding a trade ban within the EU of all egg products from EU countries that have failed to comply with the Laying Hens Directive by January 1st 2012.

  • elderly resident holding hands with young care worker
    Article: Dec 2, 2011

    Shocking failures in elderly care revealed in the recent report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission highlight the need to share and apply best practice from other European countries on how to look after our ageing populations, says Lib Dem Euro MP Liz Lynne.

    The West Midlands MEP and longstanding campaigner on care issues said the review also demonstrated the importance of a new non-statutory code of practice on long term care.

  • Liz Lynne MEP welcomed Rotarian Norman Townsend and Handsworth Rotary Club to the European Parliament
    Article: Dec 1, 2011

    Birmingham Euro MP Liz Lynne has sponsored a visit by a delegation from Handsworth Rotary Club to the European Parliament in Brussels.

    The 35-strong delegation included club members and partners from a cross-section of Handsworth's multi-cultural and multi-ethnic local community.

    The leader and organiser was longstanding Rotarian Norman Townsend, who has twice served as President of Handsworth Rotary.

  • Liz Lynne MEP launching the Löfstedt Review of Health and Safety law with Chris Grayling and Prof Ragnar Löfstedt in the European Parliament
    Article: Dec 1, 2011

    Liz Lynne, Britain's most senior MEP on the Employment and Social Affairs committee, has co-hosted the launch of the Löfstedt Review on health and safety legislation in the European Parliament.

    Chris Grayling, the Employment Minister, commissioned the review by Professor Ragnar Löfstedt on behalf of the Coalition Government to look at how health and safety legislation impacted on British business and workers.

  • This is a picture of an AIDS ribbon
    Article: Nov 30, 2011

    Members of the European Parliament including local Lib Dem Euro MP Liz Lynne will highlight the importance of the continued battle against HIV this week, 30 years after the first AIDS case was diagnosed in 1981.

    Members will be debating a resolution on EU strategy on HIV/AIDS on Thursday December 1st, which is also World AIDS Day.

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