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Why Liz Lynne should be President

Liz Lynne 2 Win

Rallying the troops

She understands the importance of the President getting out and about - she has an impressive record of visiting local parties and helping in local campaigns. "Mixing with members, not living in the Westminster bubble". As she is no longer a parliamentarian, she has a great deal of time to devote to the Party across the country.

Unique experience

She has been an activist at every level in a variety of Regions - she is unique in having been a campaigner and council candidate in London, a PPC in the East of England, MP in the North West and MEP in the Midlands - fighting rural seats, urban seats, against Labour and against the Conservatives. She has worked hard to improve the involvement of women, people with disabilities and people with different ethnic backgrounds in the Party.

Understanding the role

She understands that the President is the eyes and ears of the Party - listening to members and feeding their views back to the centre. She knows that it might mean giving the leadership unpalatable news, it might mean working to win over members to support difficult decisions. She is aware that the President, elected by the membership, needs to work with the leader not for the leader.

News from Liz

  • Document: Jul 23, 2014
  • Liz with Sharon Bowles
    Article: Jul 20, 2014

    I had a lovely time last night at the fundraising dinner for Lisa Smart our hardworking PPC for Hazel Grove. My former colleague and friend Sharon Bowles was doing the main after dinner speech. As I said in my speech, I was sad that she had decided to stand down as she will be a great loss to the European Parliament. I am delighted however to say that she is supporting me in my bid to become Party President.

  • Liz with Herefordshire Lib Dems
    Article: Jul 18, 2014

    We had wonderful weather for the Herefordshire Liberal Democrats lunch today that was held at the home of Councillor Caroline Utting in Ross on Wye. I was delighted to have been asked to speak at the event. I was introduced by our excellent PPC Lucy Hurds. It was a great day and very well attended.

  • Survey: Jul 18, 2014
    2 questions

    The Party needs a President who is an experienced and successful campaigner, familiar with the grass roots nature of the party as well as the party structures, not wedded to any faction.... a truly independent voice for the members; someone who knows the joys of success and the pitfalls of defeat and can support the members and activists, old and new, in a critical year for the party and beyond and has the time to be an active President.

  • Liz at Guildford Summer Party
    Article: Jul 16, 2014

    Guildford Liberal Democrats' summer party was very well attended and we were very lucky with the weather. It was held in Margaret and Tom Sharps' garden and they were wonderful hosts. I was delighted to have been asked to attend and also to speak at the event. All the people who helped to organise it did a great job. Of course Kelly-Marie Blundell, the excellent PPC for Guildford spoke as well and we were introduced by Chair of the local party Fiona White. It was good to see Antony Hook, the second on the list for the South East Euro seat. It was a great shame he didn't win but it certainly wasn't due to any lack of hard work. Let us hope he will win next time but first we have to make sure Kelly-Marie is elected next year. In the picture are former Councillor Eddie Owen, me, Kelly-Marie and Fiona White.

  • 13-07-14 Guildford
    Article: Jul 13, 2014

    I had a great time at the Guildford Liberal Democrat summer party today. In the picture with me is Louise Jones who I first signed up twenty five years ago in Rochdale. I was able to sign her up again today as her membership had lapsed! How incredible was that?

  • 12-07-2014 Lichfield
    Article: Jul 12, 2014

    We had a very good meeting in Lichfield this evening to talk about the Local and European election results and where we go from here. It was a very lively discussion and some very interesting ideas were put forward by Liberal Democrat members. Jenny Pinkett, Chair of Lichfield, Tamworth and Burton chaired the meeting. Phil Bennion, former MEP for the West Midlands spoke about his experience in the region and I spoke about how we needed to make sure all members were listened to whether they were in a target seat or not and how we must find a way of re engaging members. I am also Honorary President of the local party.

  • Liz Lynne MEP addressing the West Midlands region Lib Dem annual conference
    Article: Jul 3, 2014
    In a Q&A originally published in Liberal Democrat Newswire http://www.markpack.org.uk/liberal-democrat-email-newsletter/

    Why are you a Liberal Democrat?

    I went to my first Young Liberal meeting when I was 11 and they were talking about freedom of the individual, obviously from the preamble of the constitution, that is what motivated me then and it still does today.

    The role of President combines both internal aspects (e.g. chairing the Federal Executive) and public aspects, and they've been interpreted in different ways by past incumbents. What do you think the role of the President is?

  • Liz attending Strawberry Tea fundraiser in Huntingdon
    Article: Jul 2, 2014

    Denise and David Goodall have been holding a fundraising strawberry tea in Huntington, York for the last forty years. I was delighted this year to be asked to go and to speak at the event. It was a wonderful afternoon and the cakes were fantastic!

  • Liz at the Lib Dem LGC
    Article: Jun 30, 2014

    The Liberal Democrat Local Government Conference was held in Milton Keynes. It was very interesting and informative and it was good hearing councillors views on where the Party is going and how we can change things for the better. This picture is with Councillor Paul Tilsley CBE and Councillor Henry Jebb.

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