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Why Liz Lynne should be President

Liz Lynne 2 Win

Rallying the troops

She understands the importance of the President getting out and about - she has an impressive record of visiting local parties and helping in local campaigns. "Mixing with members, not living in the Westminster bubble". As she is no longer a parliamentarian, she has a great deal of time to devote to the Party across the country.

Unique experience

She has been an activist at every level in a variety of Regions - she is unique in having been a campaigner and council candidate in London, a PPC in the East of England, MP in the North West and MEP in the Midlands - fighting rural seats, urban seats, against Labour and against the Conservatives. She has worked hard to improve the involvement of women, people with disabilities and people with different ethnic backgrounds in the Party. Liz has extensive media experience in putting the Party's message across on TV, Radio and in the press including on Question Time and Newsnight.

Understanding the role

She understands that the President is the eyes and ears of the Party - listening to members and feeding their views back to the centre. She knows that it might mean giving the leadership unpalatable news, it might mean working to win over members to support difficult decisions. She is aware that the President, elected by the membership, needs to work with the leader not for the leader.

News from Liz

  • Liz Lynne 2 Win
    Article: Oct 4, 2014

    Had quite a busy day already at Liberal Democrat Conference in Glasgow. It started with speaking at the Presidential hustings this morning. Apart from other FCC duties I chaired a Question and Answer session for Edward Davey MP our Secretary of State for Energy. He was absolutely brilliant as usual. The conference is going very well already and everyone seems very upbeat.

  • Liz Lynne
    Article: Oct 3, 2014

    I am already in Glasgow at the moment for the Autumn Conference. We had so many amendments tabled to motions on the agenda that we had a five hour Federal Conference Committee meeting this afternoon to decide on which amendments should be taken. It just demonstrates how engaged the membership is and it will make for some very interesting debates over the next few days.

  • Windermere
    Article: Sep 29, 2014

    I had a good time in the Lake District today leafleting for the County and District by elections. The area of course is in Tim Farron' s constituency so it is even more important that we hold the seats. Windermere is such a spectacular area to campaign in. By the time I managed to take this picture it was clouding over but it really has been glorious.

  • Liz with Anthony Smith and the Bamford team
    Article: Sep 28, 2014

    This afternoon with another team for Anthony Smith in the Heywood and Middleton by election. We were canvassing in Bamford which was part of my old Rochdale constituency. It was great meeting so many voters that I knew from when I was the MP. I felt very moved that they rememembered me. It was a lovely afternoon and early evening.

  • Liz with Councillor Peter Rush, Anthony Smith and the Heywood ward team
    Article: Sep 28, 2014

    Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, friendly voters and above all no steps! Great morning in Heywood ward with Councillor Peter Rush and our byelection candidate Anthony Smith for Heywood and Middleton. Well worth a visit!

  • Liz with Anthony Smith and the Castleton ward team
    Article: Sep 27, 2014

    Great day campaigning with our excellent candidate Anthony Smith in Castleton ward of Heywood and Middleton for the byelection. The ward was part of my old Rochdale constituency before boundary changes. Good being back in my old headquarters again sitting here typing this. Mind you we didn't have Facebook at the time!

  • Liz in Frome North
    Article: Sep 26, 2014

    Busy day in the Frome North council by election today. Started knocking out in the villages and then a whole team of us ended up in Frome itself. Our candidate Damon Hooton deserves to win as he and his team have worked so hard. I don't think they could have done any more. Waiting to hear the result!

  • Liz Lynne
    Article: Sep 24, 2014

    I had to be in London again today for EEF the manufacturers' organisation board meeting. I am delighted to say that I was co opted on to the board again for a further year as a non paid non executive director. I am one of two women on the board and was first appointed a couple of years ago. As an organisation we represent the manufacturing industry across the UK and I am very pleased that we have stated many times that our future lies within the EU.

  • Liz with Dawn Barnes
    Article: Sep 23, 2014

    Out canvassing with Dawn Barnes in Woodside ward in Lynne Featherstone's Hornsey and Wood Green constituency this evening. The wonderful Julian Heather took the photograph! They certainly seem to have been working very hard. One man even came up to Dawn in the street once he saw that we were Liberal Democrats to say how much Lynne Featherstone had done for him and how he really appreciated it.

  • Liz at the National Liberal Club with Lord Lester and Liberal Democrat Women
    Article: Sep 22, 2014

    Very enjoyable evening at the National Liberal Club tonight with Lord Lester organised by Liberal Democrat Women. It was a very lively discussion.

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